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image In 2004, the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) sponsored the formation of a corporation known as The Colorado Boards of Education Self-Funded Trust, Inc. (BEST) to provide a multi-employer employee health benefit program that offers administrative, underwriting, provider network, reinsurance, shared financial risk and other services (the “BEST Health Plan”) to its Member Employers. Currently, BEST is comprised of 25 School Districts located in Colorado Springs, the San Luis Valley and several Northeast and East Central locations.

Our Philosophy

    We operate under the philosophy that BEST members are the critical links to managing rising health care costs and expenses. Strong wellness initiatives and resources are made available to assist members and designed to work together to promote health, reduce lost productivity and ultimately limit the spiraling costs of health care. By standing together, school districts can create a program that serves them and their employees, not the profit line of a larger insurance company.


  • Integrated health strategy incorporates biometric screens, health risk assessments, nurse navigators and incentive programs to control healthcare costs from both the demand and supply side of the healthcare equation.
  • Competitive direct contracting delivers network options that include leading healthcare providers and facilities throughout the state of Colorado.
  • Pooling allows member employers to share the risk associated with unpredictable large claims.
  • Cooperative purchasing lowers expenses and provides opportunities to stabilize rates and reserves.

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